Live in London — The Superb SLYDIGS — Better Than Oasis?

Imagine the outright nerve and cockiness of Oasis combined with the natural art and addictive chemistry of the early Who… plus the dynamic footstomp of Slade and what do you get? The Warrington (UK) band SLYDIGS !

We managed to catch the band on their tour (they were gigging with the ever-impressive Vintage Trouble ) on the night they performed at the superb O2 Forum venue in London’s Kentish Town.

 Louis Menguy - impeccable guitar...
Louis Menguy – impeccable guitar…

Their songs were completely rounded harmonic structures, with impeccable guitar from Louis Menguy, expressive voice from Dean Fairhurst (he almost super-struts with that disdainful swagger that we find so appealing in superstar rockers like Liam Gallagher and Jagger).

We were also treated to incredibly solid vibrating rhythms from the ‘Dave Hill-lookalike’ Ben Breslin on bass guitar and Pete Fleming on drums (who came out front for a tambourine slot during the show.)

After a supercharged intro, their second number was the high-octane, free-rolling ‘Easy Solution’ with lyrical guitar changs and storming percussion.

Light the Fuse’ — the title track from their recent exhilarating album— vibrated and moved with gusto.

With burning-hot guitar licks that spat us in the face with their lemony acid. And a chorus that was simply mesmerizing. This was an altogether sleazy number, yet eloquently rendered by the Lancashire lads.

Truth Will be Found’ was also remarkably effective. With yattering rhythms and complex sound shapes.

Dean Fairhurst - expressive voice ...
Dean Fairhurst – expressive voice …

The band created lots more wonderfully multilayered songs — all full of glare and subtle atmosphere.

Yet the SLYDIGS numbers were also effective as hymns and foot stomping pop ‘n’ rock tunes too… And they quickly got stuck inside our skull — then they wouldn’t let go.

Trust us. It may have taken 10 years of hard work to get to this point, but the SLYDIGS are about to bust free from the chains.

It will not be long before these assertive bandoleros are headlining shows.

And then they will be packing out stadiums…

Catch them at a place near you before it’s too late.


Words & Images: @neilmach 2015 ©


SlyDigs - multilayered songs — full of glare & subtle atmosphere...
SlyDigs – multilayered songs — full of glare & subtle atmosphere…








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