The talented musician Matt Andersen from New Brunswick, Canada, has been enthralling audiences with his one of a kind performance in North America, Europe and Australia for years. And in the last few he’s managed to net three Maple Blues Awards, a Memphis Blues Challenge win, a CIMA Road Gold Award, a European Blues Award, and a Juno Award nomination.

Andersen is a powerhouse performer with a giant, soul-filled voice and commanding stage presence.

matt anderson photo by John Fearnall - Good Noise Photography
This bristles yet is kind. It is crusty sour, yet is gentle… Photo by John Fearnall /Good Noise Photography

Andersen has now recorded his eighth full-length album. It was produced in New York with Gordon “Commissioner Gordon” William (Joss Stone, Amy Winehouse,) and titled Honest Man.

It follows up the JUNO Award nominatedWeightless‘ and sees the songwriter pushing himself into new territory.

Gordon has worked with so many different people, like Santana and Quincy Jones, on so many historic albums…” says Andersen. “He has such a great approach and was able to tie-in so many new ideas to what I’ve done in the past without losing touch with my sound.

Set for release on February 26 via True North Records, the ten songs that make up Honest Man explore both the political and the personal. The title track, co-written with Chris Kirby, was inspired by a US political cartoon.

Meanwhile, we have been listening to the first single to be taken from the album, titled ‘Let’s Get Back‘ co-penned with Andy Stochansky

Set to a natty beat, with a fresh keyboard wobble and finely picked banjo strings, that are organized neatly so that gruff voice can lay back against it, like a beast languishing on a hill covered with moss…

This bristles yet is kind. It is crusty sour, yet is gentle…

It is a warmly given warning-song with hope in its eye.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©
Photo by John Fearnall / Good Noise Photography


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