New Swedish Metal from DYNAZTY— TITANIC MASS Release Date 15TH APRIL — News Here

Finally those Swedish Sultans of Sin DYNAZTY unveil their long-awaited fifth album — titled Titanic Mass — it is scheduled for international release on April 15 via Spinefarm Records.

Renatus - Dynazty
Renatus – Dynazty

From the lively hard rock scene in Stockholm, SwedenDynazty are a prime example of forward-looking and healthy evolutionary development.

After establishing their current lineup in 2008 — the first approach of the band was strictly within the the proud and successful tradition of Swedish hard rock as defined by Europe, Treat etc. culminating with the National Melodifestivalen hit “Land Of Broken Hearts” (from their 3rd full-length album, “Sultans Of Sin – Dynazty” — released in 2012).

However, it was with the Spinefarm-released album, “Renatus ” (2013) where Dynazty really came into their own.

Opting for a decidedly more modern sound, more defined, more immersive and more powerful — “Renatus” saw the band take a giant leap forwards… toward a tighter style with an arsenal of quick rhythm patterns and machine-gun riffs, soaring voices behind (inevitably) more massive, addictive choruses.

Boasting monumental arrangements, —“Renatus” was an exceptional album.

NEW ALBUM "TITANIC MASS" TO BE RELEASED ON APRIL 15TH! Preorders launch on February 12th. At that time, "Roar Of The Underdog" will be available as an instant grat track...
Preorders launch on February 12th. At that time, “Roar Of The Underdog” will be available as an instant grat track…

Now, “Titanic Mass” sees the successful Swedes take the next logical step — maintaining the overall stability and greater grip of “Renatus” — while also giving a polite nod toward power metal, and finally, adding that extra ingredient… the symphonic element – yes, the arrangements are really TITANIC this time.

The band has succeeded in making the songs more addictive than ever before, each one pushed to greater heights by the edgy, yet massive production of the overlord of all things metal, Peter Tägtgren (Sabaton, Pain, Dimmu Borgir, Lindemann, etc.).

Talking about the album, the band told us:

Titanic Mass is the culmination of all of the knowledge we’ve learned and all of the experience we’ve gained over the years writing songs and making albums. Our efforts combined with the mastery of producer Peter Tägtgren has resulted in an album that we feel is really strong. To us, Titanic Mass is without a doubt our ultimate effort.


Main Image: Tallee Savage

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