For Fans of Toni Braxton — Here’s a Gloomful Valentine Wish from ECHOES

ECHOES is an enchanting London based artist  — from Stoke Newington — with an unmistakable tone of voice that haunts as much as it calms you down.

She presents powerfully honest lyrics sung in her deep-dark voice over velvety synths, electronic beats and swelling propulsive percussion.

While the closest definition of her sound would be somewhere within the ambient RnB environment, ECHOES also sashays between electronic, pop and glitch.

ECHOES - filled with deep sensuality...
ECHOES – filled with deep sensuality…

Her soulful voice has a reverence and a purpose… plus impossible classiness

Her songs recall a golden past, and also lead temptingly towards a promising future.

Her debut single Valentine has a truly euphoric chorus.

We had a listen —

The strong, graceful and luscious contralto voice is filled with deep sensuality…

While patchy rhythms create an edgy vibe…

This song keeps you on the very tipping edge of gloomful trepidation while your heart is soothingly softened by the richness…

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©



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