LUXURY HOBO by BIG BOY BLOATER — The Richly Intense Gumbo-Blues Album is Reviewed Here

BIG BOY BLOATER AND THE LIMITS have released their stunning new album LUXURY HOBO on Provogue/ Mascot Label Group.

With a fascination for textures and subtle narratives LUXURY HOBO  sees BLOATER in a tougher, deeper and more meaningful territory following a bout of depression in 2013 which led him to take a much darker tone.

bloater 350
Luxury Hobo – Big Boy Bloater & The Limits

We had a listen:

Devils Not Angels” has a regular boogie ‘n’ roll swing to it with acid-key notes and crumbling drums. The voice is raspy ‘n’ guttural and filled with passion

It Came Out Of The Swamp” [below] is full of bruising low notes… Wallowing and reverberating like stomping monsters.

The guitars sting like mosquitoes and you will love the synthesized riff. The vocal is bold and gabby… It’s difficult to imagine that the chants, hollers and twangs that came out of the Deep South were once considered revolutionary and threatening … the devil’s music to be kept hidden in juke joints located outside county lines. But the backwater uprising caught the imagination of the kids and the sounds transformed into rhythm and blues, and finally, into rock and roll.  Yes, it came out of the swamp. It was almost killed at birth … but the monster lives on.

There is a lot of undeniable common sense on this album. For example “I Love You (But I Can’t Stand Your Friends)” which has a Rolling Stones vibe and parched vocals … with Big Boy cooing like Howlin’ Wolf.

The number is smoked and moanin’ and filled with the kind of tensely charged sludge that you cannot wipe off right up until the illuminating guitar break that sparkles free.

Big Boy Bloater once “knew a man” who had a “Robot Girlfriend.” She was pretty and cute but was largely ignored by her man who she was expected to slave for.

This is a cautionary tale advising against ignoring the plight and wishes of your girl (be she animatronic or real-human) … lest she goes haywire and her head explodes (or something similar.) This has fast guitars and a pleasantly motivating rhythm and is filled with naughty frolic.

If you like your blues gumbo to be richly intense and full of silt and mud splashes … you will not find better.

Better grab Luxury Hobo – Big Boy Bloater & The Limits right now!

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©


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