On The Highway With NASHVILLE PUSSY — Live at The Underworld Camden

They came onto the London stage like ghost-riders in the night

But it didn’t take long for them to light up their firebrands to make the Underworld shine and sizzle

The Camden palace to rock ‘n’ roll was soon frying — like Cajun chicken ablaze on the griddle.

The sleaze rockers Nashville Pussy are now in their 15th Anniversary Year. And they have been playing some ecstatic Euro-dates before heading back home for a long season of partying…

We saw the band on stage last night at London’s favourite retro-steel venue, The Camden Underworld

Nashville Pussy - durable fizz ...
Nashville Pussy – durable fizz …

The durable fizz of songs like “Come On Come On” with sneering lead Alice Cooperish vocals and lighting sharp licks rolled forward with the speed of an M1 Abrams battle-charge and the kinetic energy of armour piercing rounds…

Guitarist Ruyter Suys — vocalist Blaine Cartwright’s missus — she vigorously wasted her youth in British Columbia listening to bands like Motörhead, KISS and Metallica — was on fire.

Suys is often cited as one of the world’s most exciting live guitarists, and at Camden we could see why.

Her flame-haired approach to performance was bold, majestic and uncontrolled. The gorgeous Bonnie Buitrago  was on bass,  galvanizing and sensational. And the drummer Jeremy Thompson was rock-steady provocative, inflamed and bone-wrenchingly enlivening…


Nashville Pussy - bold, majestic and uncontrolled...
Nashville Pussy – bold, majestic and uncontrolled…

And the songs kept rollin’ in…

Newer stuff like the clobbering “Rub It To Death” growling with a sense of disillusionment.

Or the far punkier “Why Why Why” which tells of the break-up and tension after a failing relationship. It was quick witted, acidic and cut-through with incisive guitar. And the giggling chorus was a delight.

Yes, these are bad-arsed rolling stones. For sure.

And the night was feverish, sweaty, sleazy and savagely boola-coola awesome.

Boy-oh-boy …  it is good to be back in pussy-land

Words & Pictures: @neilmach 2016 ©
Link: https://www.facebook.com/NSPSY


It's good to be back in pussy-land ...
It’s good to be back in pussy-land …

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