Grit Rock from North London with THE SWAGGER

THE SWAGGER, an original London grit-rock band, have announced their forthcoming debut EP, which was produced by Graham Bonnar (Swervedriver / The Brian Jonestown Massacre) and recorded at the renowned Konk Studios (founded by Ray and Dave Davies of The Kinks) in North London.

The Swagger - slurred, muddy and hypnotically buzzing...
The Swagger – slurred, muddy and hypnotically buzzing…
THE SWAGGER is comprised of two brothers – Lee Stevens (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) and Paul Stevens (lead guitar, back vocals), along with Will O’Connell (bass guitar) and Roger Malaquias (drums).

To be released on July 22, [but you can check-it-out below] the EP features four tracks from the arsenal of songs they’ve been performing around the UK.

Songs like “Ride” have more bones and crunchy bits than an alligator nibbling a rocky blue crab.

The vocals remind us, of course, of KINKS but also BLUR. In other words — slurred, muddy and hypnotically buzzing.

British rhythm and blues for fans of Stereophonics.






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