SLIM CHANCE — The Poacher

The classic Ronnie Lane-penned track, ‘The Poacher’ will be the next release from the re-energized SLIM CHANCE (featuring Steve Bingham, Charlie Hart and Steve Simpson.)

Taken from last year’s acclaimed album ‘On the Move’— and due to be released on 4th November via Fishpool Records — the new version of ‘Poacher’ features Steve Bingham who delivers a provocative lead vocal.

Anymore for Anymore - Ronnie Lane & Slim Chance
Anymore for Anymore – Ronnie Lane & Slim Chance

The bassist originally cut the track with Ronnie over 40 years ago for Anymore for Anymore.

Gallagher and Lyle also worked on the album along with Bruce Rowland [Fairport Convention] on drums.

If someone had said to me in 1974 that forty-odd years later I’d be singing lead vocal on ‘The Poacher’ with Slim Chance...” Bingham told us “ I’d have thought they were nuts!

‘The Poacher’ seems to speak directly to Lane’s post-Faces mind-set after he left the band in 1973 “Well, I’ve no use for riches / And I’ve no use for power / And I’ve no use for a broken heart / I’ll let this world go by.”

On its release in 1974, the song might have been a massive hit for Slim Chance who had been booked to appear on Top of the Pops. But BBC technicians went on strike the same week as their intended appearance and so, with no show support,  ‘The Poacher’ never charted.

The new version of ‘The Poacher’ is accompanied by a candid video based on the band’s performance of the song at Nell’s Jazz and Blues, and recorded in London earlier in the year.

A  raggle-taggle soul-filled folk-dream
A raggle-taggle soul-filled folk-dream
We had a listen:

This beautiful song might well have inspired Dexys Midnight Runners to craft their tender Celtic-Gypsy folk rock back in ’74.

Alas, the sound-quality on the candid promotional live video of this “Poacher” is so poor, it’s not worth the effort. And it doesn’t feel  so dreamily nostalgic any more…

Nevertheless, this is still a raggle-taggle soul-filled folk-dream for those who might yet possess the strong free heart to embrace such welcoming spirit

Fans should not miss the band’s next performance at the Half Moon, Putney on Saturday 12th November.

They will also appear at The Great British Folk Festival at Butlins, Skegness.

The single is released 4th November on Fishpool Records


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