Juno Awards nominated New Brunswick blues guitarist and vocalist MATT ANDERSEN has been bewitching audiences with his brilliant performances for years.

This Spring he releases his fabulous new album titled “Honest Man.”

Honest Man
was produced in New York with Commissioner Gordon (Joss Stone, Amy Winehouse) and follows ANDERSEN’S highly-praised Weightless [2014] to see the Canadian songwriter pushing into new territory.

MATT ANDERSEN is an inspirational and energetic artist with an emotionally powerful jumbo voice and impressive stage presence.

Honest Man - Matt Andersen
Honest Man – Matt Andersen

We had an early listen to the album:

The album begins with the bustling “Break Away” that has electric piano chips and winnowing rhythms.

This song of release is insistent and serious … plugging away at the senses until success has been won. Here Anderson’s remarkably powerful voice is horseradish and glue — of moderate bite and filled with psychological emotion.

The title track “Honest Man” co-written with Newfoundland jazz-funk composer Chris Kirby is a large bouncy-style R&B number with Herculean voice and bare-knuckle rhythms. This is a cruiserweight joy.

High yellin’ “Let’s Get Back” co-penned with Andy Stochansky has mountain spirit.

If you like the fresh air feel of the Nashville scene and maybe long for more Merle Haggard then this one’s for you. A guilty-sounding organ pipes-in cccasionally while the chuffing riff keeps things locomoting right up till the golden trumpet.

All The Way” written with long-time jam-friend Jamie Sampson has muted and crying wah that suits the elegiac landscape. Although there are bright pinpricks of clarity, this is a downbeat number. But there’s always hope … and it’s scattered around like diamonds through the song. The guitar notes come together to accentuate and ornament the whiskey-and-stout singing voice that’s more intense than you could possibly even imagine.

The traditional country number “One Good Song” — made with Ontario multi-instrumentalist Donovan Woods — is a slip waltz. The subtle rhythm of oscillation and the splendid guitar solo help elevate this to a sacred dimension.

Here’s a collection of simmering songs, chants and dances — delivered with an astonishing  peach-mustard voice. There are songs of deliverance and songs of salvation. Some are spicier than others, but all bear the same mark. The mark of quality we expect from a truly creative artist.

Words: Neil Mach 2017 ©
Main Photo : © Sean Sisk

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