DAVEY SUICIDE has tamed the underground by combining arena sized gutter-goth-rock, sleaze and theatrics into a “nu” brand of industrial rock.

The band features Davey Suicide along with Drayven Davidson, Needlz, Niko Gemini, and Derek Obscura.

Together they purify heavy metal, whilst interpreting industrial and punk, to create hymns that are as erosive as they are attractive

Rise Above - Davey Suicide
Rise Above – Davey Suicide

Rock fans haven’t gone anywhere…” Suicide says, “they just need a reason to fall in love again.”

Formed in 2010, Davey Suicide played a few concerts in Hollywood before earning the respect of fans. In early 2012, the band signed a record deal and began a tour of the United States from their base in “UnHolywood, Killafornia.”

In September 2016 the Davey Suicide catalog was reissued on iTunes, and other digital outputs.

Their third studio album “Made From Fire” will be released this March 24.

We had a listen:

After the grizzled and bible-black “Resurrection” introduction we get straight into the strong and exciting “Rise Above” [actually published August 2016.]

This is more-or-less a rallying song against the living demons that threaten [all] our existence . “Get your fists up, get your fists up…” Davey grizzles.

On this track the carrion ‘n’ dung rhythms are intermingled with a voice of necrotic tissue. This is both organic and exciting.

Too Many Freaks” features the Twiztid hip-hop duo.  It’s a brave  attempt at rap rock with sharp percussion and enough metallic color to remind Marilyn Manson fans what they’re missing. The speedy rap-work btw is sublime. Excellently crafted and bold.

His darkwave lordship William Ctrl features on “Paralyzed.” This has a wide-screen ambition and dark rhythms. The voice reeks like a deadly dose of diseased arumheads and the symphonic nature of those squirming synths creates an infestation of crawlies that begin to digest the living-tissue of the rock.

Davey Suicide can perhaps be seen — by some — as a nauseous rock ‘n’ roll scavenger…  but “Made From Fire” is a well-produced synthetically harmonized blackwork with enough tingling excitement to activate a revenant army.

Words: @neilmach 2017 ©

Davey Suicide are on tour with DOPE and CombiChrist till April 9th
Korn, Rob Zombie, Five Finger Death Punch, Marilyn Manson

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