DEATH BLOOMS — Darker Side

DEATH BLOOMS are a new alternative metal quartet from Manchester & Liverpool, UK.

DEATH BLOOMS — Photo Credit : Dan Bentley Photography

The band seem equipped with above-average stockpiles of self-assurance, musical skill, and psychological emotion… their gut-felt social knowing ferments beneath every strong opencut musical paragraph.

The sound is frenzied and infective, as you’d expect. And it consistently unites hardcore vocals with solid guitar riffs, plus spirited grooves that exude a copious supply of melodic utterances.

The group’s new four track debut EP is a fleeting yet discriminating affair — a puncturing piece of modern metal-art awash with gnarl and fury.

From the exultant hymn of brotherhood (Last Ones) to the savage beauty of “I’m Dead” [see below] Death Blooms seem ready & able to provide threatening reaction to the ills they see in a society that’s gone wrong.

Vocalist Paul Barrow says, “Lyrically, the EP has ended up on the darker side of things. It wasn’t done intentionally, but it’s how it came out...”

I think that’s stemmed from the frustrations we’ve all had in the past; mainly from forgetting to do the things that we’re happiest in. The songs undoubtedly deal with the struggle of mental health, but I think they also tackle the subject of contentedness, or lack of, in every day life...”

Main Image: Photo Credit : Steve Bridgwood Photography

Recorded at Red City Recordings, Manchester by producer/mix engineer David Radahd-Jones, The DEATH BLOOMS self-titled EP is released 12th May 2017

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