BBATBD — Bad Habit

We first came across the undeniable aggression, spitting passion and delicious riffs of BETH BLADE AND THE BEAUTIFUL DISASTERS when we saw the South Wales band competing at HIGHWAY to HELL 2016. We thought their tight licks and Beth’s vocal biff reminded us of Halestorm.

Beth Blade – melodious sensitivity…

Beth Blade [pictured, left] and her melodic hard-rock crew from Cardiff deliver heavyweight riffs, immense choruses and a measure of genuine rock ‘n’ roll attitude. Their assertive musculature, combined with a melodious sensitivity, is helping to evoke the flame of classic British rock.

The band’s debut album “Bad Habit” came to fruition after a hugely successful crowd-funding campaign.

Their disc was recorded by Nick Brine (Thunder, The Darkness, Bruce Springsteen) at the fabled Rockfield Studios and Leeders Vale, and mastered by Pete Maher (The Rolling Stones.)

The album has all the characteristics you’d expect from a new disc cut by a ravenously sharp-set band — it’s filled with determination and brutal electric power.

The album begins with long elbows of bass on “Hell Yeah” and then a pile of dark riffs that curve like a wave on Waikiki Beach. There is a deep growl too… plus some flexible squelches. The mezzo-soprano calcite ‘n’ quartz voice tilts low but doesn’t quite concede to the raw sound-bed that comes from beneath. This is quite something…

A super-storm of mud and silt congregate around the sullen churlishness of the vocals on “Bad Habit.” The title number has the sombre nobility of early British blues-rock packed with tight hard jams that don’t quite — but almost — tip into the world of heavy metal.

Beautiful Disease” [shared below] was chosen for early release with an accompanying video, possibly due to the strong riff that has a familiar feel to it. Here the lead voice can be favourably compared to Lzzy Hale — enthusiastic with strong, unbounded emotion.

If you seek a slice of claw-rock rooster-machine cockiness, look no further…

Release Date – April 3rd 2017


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