EILEEN CAREY — Good Bad Girl

Award-winning singer-songwriter EILEEN CAREY recently dominated the Music Industry headlines when New Music Weekly named her its 2017 Crossover Artist of the Year.

The quicksilver voice will make you gooey….

Gently shifting the blur between country and pop, Carey is at it once again as she rubs out a line between naughty and nice on her coquettish new single “Good Bad Girl” [shared below] written by Alan Bonhomme and Kris Bradley and Produced by Travis Allen at Nashville Tracks in Los Angeles, CA.

A recipient of the Producer’s Choice Award for 2016 Female Country Artist of the Year at the Los Angeles Music Awards and a winner in the fan and industry-driven Independent Music Network awards, Carey savours the prospect of uncovering her “Bad Girl” wrapped in a “Good Girl” persona… It is, after all, the scrumptious & deceptive nature of all women:

It’s perfectly fine for a girl to have a little mystery in her personality...” Eileen says, “We all have within us a little angel and a little devil. Most of the time, I play nice. But “Good Bad Girl” lets me show my more adventurous side.

This single has work-hard rhythms and curvy licks… The cute quicksilver voice will make you gooey on the inside…

And if you’re laughing all over your catfish stew then it’s because this song urges you to shimmy along…

Inwardly chuckleacious

Words: @neilmach 2017 ©
Link: https://www.facebook.com/EileenCareyOfficial

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