SEAFOAM GREEN — Topanga Mansion

The foundation of SEAFOAM GREEN followed a fortuitous meeting with Rich Robinson during some recording sessions in Nashville.

Dave O’Grady was invited by Robinson to open tour dates for him in the United States and Europe and soon the duo began to write and record seriously, leading to their collaboration on this impressive debut album.

Seafoam Green – Melodic folk music and American rock

The album ‘Topanga Mansion‘ was recorded at 4th Street Recording in Santa Monica, California and is a fine collection of melodic folk music and American rock with a warm sound that invites the listener to follow its many intricacies.

Among O’Grady’s varied influences, from Creedence Clearwater Revival via Aslan and Christy Moore, and incorporating Nashville sounds, Irish stories and, more recently, the sounds of Liverpool [where O’Grady currently resides,] this is a palatial achievement filled with exuberant beauty.

2017 is fast becoming a year of play, travel and meeting people for the lads of Seafoam Green and with Topanga Mansion appearing on double vinyl via Liverpool’s Mellowtone Records, it seems O’Grady is coming out of the shadows with these quality compositions that will position place him at the very top of the American, and indie folk scenes in the United Kingdom.

Topanga Mansion has been supported by Merseyside Arts Foundation using funding from PRS for Music Foundation.

Pre-Order here:

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