THE MAINE — Lovely Little Lonely

THE MAINE’S Lovely Little Lonely is available now

Monumental cult alternative Phoenix-based band THE MAINE have been cracking the charts and racking-in millions of streams since their “Lovely Little Lonely” release on April 7th.

THE MAINE – An impressive accomplishment

Lovely Little Lonely is the sixth studio release from the band, who recently celebrated 10 years together by throwing their own festival, titled the 8123 Fest.

The record is also the first that they have released entirely independently, and was recorded in an Airbnb in Gualala, California — the band converted the place into a recording studio.

To honor the release, the band partnered with independent record stores, music venues, and coffee shops to carry limited edition physical copies of the album on release day. The band also hosted a full pop up shop with merchandise in Los Angeles and San Francisco during release week, where they were in attendance.

The first single from the album — Bad Behavior — [see below] combines contagious guitar with pensive melodies and an awe-inspiring zip that seems impossible to ignore.

Vocalist John O’Callaghan says, “If you go back in time and listen to our first record all the way up to where we are now, it is no secret that we stretched ourselves in every direction. Through all of those twists and turns, however, our fans kept showing up…. They kept buying albums, kept interacting online, kept growing the 8123 family, and most importantly, they kept listening….”

The track has acquired over a million streams since its release in January, and is still creeping up the alternative radio charts alongside “Black Butterflies and Deja Vu” released shortly after.

Lovely Little Lonely – love-struck agitation…

From the sulky “Lonely” to the love-struck agitation of “I Only Wanna Talk To You” and the 80’s sounding “Lost In NostalgiaLovely Little Lonely is an impressive accomplishment from a band who loves to show-off their distinct conceptualization.

Since the release of Lovely Little Lonely, The Maine have been touring indefatigably as a head-line band along with support from The Mowglis and Beach Weather.

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