The TEXAS FLOOD — Overworked & Underpaid

Those hard-working Welsh rockers The Texas Flood will be releasing their next album “Overworked And Underpaid” on 27TH October 2017 via Off Yer Rocka.

The Texas Flood – a realistic attitude…

The title might suggest rock ‘n’ roll defeat, but actually it’s quite a realistic attitude for a 21st century band…

The new album will be a strong statement of intent from a hard-working  band that simply refuses to be beaten. The Texas Flood are born survivors, “We’re going nowhere,” says drummer and vocalist Tom Williams. “Apart from back on the road – where we belong.”

He wouldn’t have it any other way: “It’s a constant struggle being in a band,” he admits “It’s a conversation that crops up all the time: can we do it? We’re always having to pull in favours to keep things going but we’re not alone. It’s hard work. But if we want The Texas Flood to make its mark then it has to be done. The dream is to do this full time and full-on. But dreams don’t pay the bills.”

Williams with Tom Sawyer (guitars/vocals) and Ben Govier (bass) have honed their craggy Welsh hard rock sound across the UK – supporting Off Yer Rocka label mates like The Quireboys and Buffalo Summer. “The new record is a continuation of The Texas Flood sound but it’s a more mature album,” insists Williams. “It’s a little bit different in places and it has some nice big hooks. It’s made for the live arena – and that’s where we intend to take it.”

‘Overworked and Underpaid’ is out 27th October 2017

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