AMANDA MAIR is a singer/songwriter based in Stockholm, Sweden who gained attention as a teenager with her debut single, “House” in 2011.

Amanda has developed since her debut – both as an artist and as a songwriter. She recently spent time focussing on art and adulthood. That maturity radiates through her new work.

Amanda Mair is yearning to experience the thrill of sensual & emotional connections…

The first track from her fresh To the Moon EP titled “Stay You and I” is a prideful song about dealing with private difficulties to rescue a budding relationship. It’s an acknowledgement of the responsibility we all have to deal with our own faults and flaws for the sake of love.

Rush” is a dusky and brooding song about yearning to experience the thrill of sensual and emotional connections. An infinity might have passed since a relationship crumpled yet a familiar touch can bring all those wonderful feelings pouring back into one’s heart… Established as a piano ballad, this number turns into a gelid swirling with cooling synths.

Essentially, this is about fervent attraction and the kind of devastating dependence on another that allows a person to repeat the same harmful mistakes of love… over and over.

Wednesday” is a handsome and atmospheric song. The cinemascopic atmosphere gently reveals plentiful emotions as the protagonist contemplates the inevitability of losing love.

‘To the Moon’ EP AMANDA MAIR out now via Despotz Records

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