MEGAN DAVIES — Doesn’t Matter

The Nashville-based alt-pop singer songwriter MEGAN DAVIES originally from Harrisburg, PA — and famed for her popular acoustic covers and mashups, has disclosed a new music video for the inspiring new single “Doesn’t Matter.” [Shared below.]

Megan Davies – a song of ghostly silks, muted tones & cloudy moments…

Her songs on Spotify reach over 2 Million listeners a month.

Megan says, about the new release, “It’s a song about growing up and discovering your confidence. It’s a reminder that even the biggest of problems feel smaller with time.”

No matter how mature we get it seems we always have to relearn this lesson, but with life comes the gift of perspective and it gets a little easier each time. Personally, it’s what I wish I knew in high school and in a way is a letter to myself back then.”

We had a listen:

This is a fragile work of ghostly silks, with muted tones and cloudy moments.

But the feelings are real enough and the delicious & pleading vocals breathe many truths and declarations.

Words: @neilmach 2018 ©
Photo Credit: Jakob Wandel

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