Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, alternative pop singer MARTHA HILL [formerly a musician with Holy Moly & The Crackers] has roots in emotional folk and captivating jazz, but now creates lavish confections that make embrace creativity of left-field artists such Tune-Yards mix the broccaded sounds with beautiful nu-folk pennings that are reminiscent of pop-folk artists such as Laura Marling

Martha Hill – enduring feelings of displacement…

Originally from a small peninsula off the west coast of Scotland, Martha left her home at just seventeen to tour Europe as a street musician before finally settling down in Newcastle. Since then she’s toured the UK twice — supporting the likes of Let’s Eat Grandma and Atlantic-signed Mahalia — with two DIY tours of Europe falling in between.

Her newest track is titled ‘Spiders‘ was written after a bat stormed into her space in Heaton. A roommate came home and thought she was invented the whole story and this provoked ​​a song about hallucinations & feelings of madness. It refers to emotional health: “spiders in my head” and enduring feelings of displacement.

We had a listen:

This song has inflatable milk bottle rhythms and the kind of thrust and glamour that lies somewhere between the inventive calm of “Slow Cheetah” [Red Hot Chili Peppers] and the ironic sadness of “I Took a Pill” by Mike Posner. The voice is originative and, of course, thoroughly beguiling.


See Martha play live at these 2018 festivals :

Eden Festival 2018 – 07 June 2018 – 10 June

L Fest 2018 – 13 July – 16 July

Chilli Festival 2018 – 13 July – 15 July

Westival 2018 – 20 July – 22 July

Lindisfarne Festival 2018 – 30 August – 02 September

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