The last time we wrote about the Stockholm, Sweden glam-pop/noise-rock band DOLORES HAZE they were an energetic punk-pop four-piece… we thought their insta-beats, jangle lumps and abbreviated voices created more snarling attitude than a group of overwrought tigers… Now they seem to be journeying into electro-pop territory.

Designed to razz the virility out of misogynist pricks…

Since their debut album ‘The Haze Is Forever’ Dolores Haze have been on the offensive. That record [2016] led them to huge international acclaim, which included an award for “Best Rock” act at the prestigious P3 Guld-Award, as well as two nominations at the Swedish GRAMMYS.

We hear a new album is planned for 2018 on Warner Music and a new song called ‘Banana’ has been released inspired by the recent #MeToo movement.

Swirly crema-beats and chunks of rhythm are cradled, by the tongue, with pretty-pretty, sickly twee vocals: “I don’t wanna see your banana…”, sings frontwoman Groovy Nickz. This is not unlike NEIKED’S Sexual… though of course far more politicised.

The best way to deal with men in power is to ridicule their wienery

So this is a frothy mock-accino, pink-blancmange, pop-song that’s designed to razz the virility out of misogynist pricks everywhere…


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