We described the single Nemesis from Bristol/Newport band SECOND HAND ARMS DEALER as “Truly brilliant, powerful in its execution, with a chorus bubbling through the cracks...”

2nd Hand Arms Dealer – music is how we express ourselves…

Second Hand Arms Dealer have taken punk influences and have added their own unique blend.

We had a chance to talk with the band about performing live,  their take on the state of the world right now and their songwriting processes:

RAWRAMP: It’s great that you say you want to trigger the planet into better day’s one song at a time. Are you guys looking for a revolution?

“Not necessarily a revolution, but we think the world is quite messed up at the moment and it’s important to speak up to make people realize. It’s easy for us to write songs about these kinds of topics i.e. gun culture, sexual harassment because we don’t want people to carry on getting away with it. It’s just our way of trying to serve up some justice.”

RAWRAMP: Your live performances are electric. Do you feel like you’re in your element when playing live?

“Most definitely, music is how we express ourselves. That, combined with our chemistry on stage, makes for an interesting watch. To be successful in this day and age you have to be amazing at live performances so its something we always strive to make better and better with each gig. ”

RAWRAMP: Nemesis is a wonderful track crafted with guts and sheer originality. Did you know you were on to a winner when you first constructed the song?

“Firstly, thanks very much! I guess no, not really. We love all the songs we write but as soon as we recorded Nememis we started getting great feedback, which is always really nice. It shows us how we have progressed as a band over the past year and a half. ”

We love all the songs we write…

RAWRAMP: You seem to be advocates for peace. What’s your analysis on current affairs and the world at the moment?

“We feel there is so much injustice and inequality in the world at the moment and we think even decent people have started to become numb to it. There is so much fake news floating around no one knows who to trust, or what is actually going on in the world. All we do know is 0.1% control the world with their money and the only way to change that is for everyone to unite and if our music brings people together then that’s a start. ”

RAWRAMP: When will we get to listen to a full length? Is it in the pipeline?

“The album is on its way, all the songs have been recorded we are just in the stages of mixing and mastering. So hopefully not too long!”

RAWRAMP: The Second Hand Arms Dealer sound is diverse. Who is the main songwriter or do all of you contribute?

“The contribution of all 3 members is what makes the songs sound so diverse, with all our clashing ideas and varying musical influences. Joe, being the bass player and vocalist, means he is a key player in the foundation of the writing the song but everyone has a good crack. ”

RAWRAMP: You all seem to love what you do. Is the sky the limit for this band?

“Of course, we write and play music because that’s what we love doing. Working a 9 to 5 for the rest of my life doesn’t excite me one bit but playing live shows in front of our amazing fans gives us a glimpse into what life could be like. We’re not ready to stop anytime soon. ”

RAWRAMP: When will we see you guys on the live circuit again?

“We are currently gigging all around Bristol at the moment and we also have some gigs coming up across the bridge in Wales. Our next in Bristol is 4th Oct @ Mr Wolfs in Bristol. It’s a class venue and should be a pretty way to spend our night. ”

RAWRAMP: Your sound is reminiscent of many acts including The White Stripes. What others acts influence you?

“You definitely hit the nail on the head there. As a band we all love the likes of Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers Peppers and Dead Weather but we all have our own influences as well. John Bonham of Led Zeppelin has been one of my major influences as a drummer ever since I was about 8 years old.”

RAWRAMP: Playing gigs and making music must take its toll. Do you guys if ever have much downtime?

“Sometimes not as much as we’d all like but deep down we wouldn’t have it any other way. You might catch us looking like zombies on a Monday morning, coffee in hand. That just means we’ve had an awesome weekend surround by music and good company. ”

Greg from Second Hand Arms Dealer was talking to Mark Mcconville



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