The emerging 4-piece British rock band COLLATERAL from Ramsgate, in Kent, South England, have introduced their impressive E.P. Titled “4 Shots!” by performing a special concert at Leo’s in Gravesend last Saturday 24th November.

COLLATERAL are an interesting, if not enigmatic, melodic country-style rock band with a crusading appeal that will undoubtedly remind hard-rock cognoscente of Whitesnake, but will also appeal to late-1970s Eagles fans as well as those who enjoy Tyketto, or even Def Leppard.

Collateral – totally badass in every way…

Comprising of Angelo Tristan on guitar and lead vocals and Jack Bentley Smith on bass guitar, the lads played at least 100 shows over five years, before arriving into the fray fully-fledged with new members Todd Winger (guitar) and Ben Atkinson (drums.) Now they’re totally badass in every way.

The opening track, “Gone With the Wind” describes the song-settings found on the E.P. — with clumps of heavy rock and a bone-dry biker’s desert — it’s the kind coyote-kind landscape where a dude might kick-over a stone to find prized minerals hidden alongside igneous bluffs and prickly cactus.

Their debut single “Midnight Queen” [shared below] radiates confidence and maintains a subtle and enigmatic sadness within the song lyric. The number introduces us to their luminary heroine, the ‘Midnight Queen’ (Ocean Navarro) who, from the evidence on this rocker, is a shy and unpretentious woman with a dark and subtle side.

Collateral – exciting guitar-work, creative lyrics & increasing complexity of composition…

“Angels Crying” is a power ballad with a bunch of loose-wristed country-style guitar chords that give the piece an inebriated boing! but also a sunniness that’s evident in the melody… despite the crying melancholy that manifests itself in the lucid guitar break.

This number will remind you of the offerings found on the “Get a Grip” album by Aerosmith .

Listeners will enjoy the exciting guitar-work, creative lyrics, and increasing complexity of composition on this rattling good E.P.

If you’re looking for a bunch of guys who are so freakin’ sweet they’re too cool for words, and you’re searching for a band who can take you on a magical adventure into the world of adult-oriented & aesthetically pleasing glam-metal — you really gotta check out COLLATERAL.


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