MATT VASQUEZ, the Texas musician and former leader of The Delta Spirit, has confirmed the release of his third solo album entitled “Light’n Up” out via Dine Alone Records March 29, 2019.

Wavering rock ‘n’ roll

The album encapsulates the dramatic melancholy of a singer-songwriter who finds himself in the thick of hopelessness. Vasquez wrote these nine self-examining, southern-rock style ballads, in total isolation, detached from his family during a glooming winter of solitariness…

The day after Christmas 2017, Vasquez’s wife, Marthe, with their son, moved to Norway to be closer to her Dad, who’d been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. With a record to make and a tour planned, Vasquez had to stay behind. This album is the product of that lonely time.

Trailer Park” from the album [shared below] has been released on video. It’s a wavering rock ‘n’ roll fantasy with tremulous waves of light that continue to resonate under a throbbing sound of rhythm. While “Poor Kids” is doleful without being totally glum. Although the song is not exactly a frolic — with the dramatic flowering, it becomes a pleasant wallow rather than a pitiful dirge.

Here is proficient songwriting at its most capable.

Light’n Up by Matthew Logan Vasquez is released on February 22, 2019.

File alongside Meat Loaf, Middle Brother, Neil Young


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