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DEWOLFF — Live & Outta Sight II

DEWOLFF display their full might on a new record ‘Live & Outta Sight II,’ which will be released on 14th June 2019.

When we saw them jamming at Camden’s Black Heart last May we thought they created: “rumbling spires of percussion and lighter notes hidden within resounding yelps of guitar...”

Album Cover Artwork
DeWolff – vocals are declamatory & rhythms complex…

They told us that they are: “very inspired by music from the ’60s and 1970s …” and there’s something very “Eel Pie” about Pablo van de Poel (guitars and vox) his brother Luka van de Poel (drums) with Robin Piso ( on the Hammond) — it’s as if they regularly hang-out with the Yardbirds at weekends and come from a distant epoch.

Following the release of 2018’s THRUST, which we thought had plenty of “ingenious Al Jardine-style vocal moments” and after nine months on the road when they played over 100 shows across 13 countries the trio from Geleen in the Netherlands release ‘Live & Outta Sight II’ via  Mascot Records. The live album was recorded over their 2018-19 tour of the Netherlands.

On “Big Talk” the guitars are crystal clear and gleaming. While the vocals are declamatory and the rhythms complex.

The keys produce an insistent pattern on “Sugar Moon” and this is funkier than usual with a voice that is soulful: “nobody gonna hear me moan...”

The gently beautiful “Medicine” is magnetizing and soul-stirring. This is a heady concoction of voodoo pain and sweet, slow-release.

California Burning” is a stand-out blues-rock number with bass motility, synth ingestions, and grand guitar effervescences. This song is slightly more psychedelic than the others.

For fans of Jimi Hendrix or The Doors


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