Anna Wolf Photo Credit Paul Harries

ANNA WOLF — Silence

UK artist ANNA WOLF creates urgent alternative-pop with meaningful lyrics that are stratified by pathos.

Anna Wolf -  a danceable heart & ripe with emotion...
Anna Wolf – a danceable heart & ripe with emotion…
She tends to mesmerize her audience into a voyage of self-discovery. Her influences range from Bjork, PJ Harvey to Johnny Cash and Twenty One Pilots… and she’s sure to make you a believer.

Her second release “Silence” (video shared below) touches on the issue of witnessing domestic violence as a child. Although it has a danceable heart, this is ripe with emotion and the nervy anxiety twists into every sinew of the song, with some nifty lyricism that brings to mind the R&B and soul-pop act Jessie J.

This is fascinating and understandably angsty…


Photo Credit Paul Harries
See her LIVE in London on Friday, July 12th: @MirthMarvelE17 (special UK debut theatre show)

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