The London-based acoustic/rock/retro singer-songwriter JASMINE RODGERS has released her track “Underwater” as a live recording made at Kore Studios in May and featuring Ivor Novello Award winning Wolverhampton singer/songwriter Scott Matthews, and with Danny Keane on cello. The song originally featured on the album Blood Red Sun (2016).

JASMINE RODGERS – an anguished plea for light…

Gently lifting from the subtle delicacy of interworked guitar comes an anguished plea for light in the whisper of Jasmine; a voice that’s esurient and earnest. More like a petition than a prayer, this song becomes consequential with the gnawing dignity of the cello.

Jasmine says, “I wanted to capture us all together in one room because I think the energy is different and more intense. I’ve been fortunate enough to support Scott on his last tour and I knew it would be really fun to do this. It’s a song with deep meaning for me and both Scott and Danny got it.

Jasmine is a London-born musician of mixed parentage and says this cultivated her deep love of many different genres. Her solo shows feature her complex guitar picking styles and wonderful vocals, effortlessly turning from folk to rock; which is perhaps why Ivor Novello award-winning musician Scott Matthews invited her to support his recent tour.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/jasminerodgersmusic/


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