INME — The Next Song

Essex UK act InMe have been heralded as one of the hardest working band’s around.

Their music has also become a go to medication for the downtrodden. And since their inception, they’ve released six studio albums, which have all been diverse and emotionally tinged. This emotion stems from hardship and adversity, but thankfully the band has seen the bright lit optimism drift over them.

photo of InMe

The new single The Next Song is a poignant anthem and has been purposefully created to steer us closer to our own emotional trappings. Nowadays, we’re caught up in our own bubbles, stuck and feeling the constraints of daily life. Music like this, could pierce these hubs, and it could let in some positivity. Positive outlooks are difficult to come by, but within the sound is a message of hope, a clear cut note of promise.

The track begins bashfully. Guitars are tuned to create a distinctive output. Lead singer Dave McPherson, guides his voice beautifully, raising it when the chorus flurries through. Lyrically the song conveys broken heartstrings, and reports on love carrying too much weight. McPherson naturally prevails in his element, and doesn’t hold anything back.

The Next Song is a step up musically and lyrically. The band have struck through stone to unearth gold. Forthcoming album Jumpstart Hope [tour dates below video] should be another emotionally tinted compendium.

Words: Mark Mcconville


Jumpstart Hope tour
Jumpstart Hope tour

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