Brooke Bentham


We’ve already described the exquisite sounds of South Shields (UK) guitar & voice act BROOKE BENTHAM as: “pure ice tethered to electrically plucked tremors…”

Brooke Bentham Every Day Nothing
Brooke Bentham Every Day Nothing

Now Brooke brings more of her powerfully melancholic folk-rock with new single ‘Control’, the third meaningful song to be taken from her debut album “Everyday Nothing” due for release via  AllPoints on the 28th of February 2020.

Control’ analyses this over-connected age’s anxiety-inducing phenomenon of ghosting:

It’s about when someone cuts you off entirely...” she says. “It’s weird when someone does that. I got blocked out with absolutely no reason, and it makes you question yourself […] you just can’t stop thinking about it. You’re just talking to a wall; it’s bouncing back and you end up with this mess in your head.”

Images of solitariness and nervy anxiousness permeate the accompanying video [shared below] which is motivated by the self-examining atmosphere that’s evoked by Brooke’s emotional songwriting style.


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