SARI SCHORR — Live In Europe + Tour Dates

The Queens, New York raised contemporary blues-rock singer SARI SCHORR will release her ‘Live In Europe’ album via Manhaton Records on 6th March 2020.

SARI SCHORR- a voice of: “blackberry brandy and oil-tar creosote.

We have described her voice as a mix of “blackberry brandy and oil-tar creosote...” and the way she lights-up a room is like: “a million-watt light bulb.”

Sari’s brand-new, 12-track live album was recorded on her last tour with a crack team of musicians that includes the band’s star guitarist Ash Wilson and notable keyboardist Stevie Watts amongst other luminaries.

We said these concerts were filled with “ tension, traction and dynamic presence…” and the live disc will include crowd favorites, including “Black Betty” and “I Just Want To Make Love To You”.

The live video for the Etta James number “I Just Want to Make Love to You” is shared below and demonstrates the kind of gutsy vocals, propellant rhythms and energizing guitars that vitalized and nourished the audiences at these fabulous concerts.

The musician will also head out on her biggest European tour yet, covering over 32 dates across the continent and in the UK during March and into April 2020. See tour poster below.


Sari Schorr Tour Poster
Sari Schorr Tour Poster

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