SLYE — Into Colour

Looking for gorgeous, swagged-out, swingy vibes with kicky rhythms and billowy vocals? Yes?

Check out this U.K. Liverpool-based songwriter / guitarist and vocal solo artist SLYE.

Slye Into Colour
Slye – kicky rhythms & billowy vocals

SLYE was a previous PANGEA (UK) songman, and his latest solo disco release “Into Colour” is a magniloquent deflagration of nostalgic night-time jaunts.

It has whiffs of Shalamar and maybe even Starpoint and Timex Social Club and comes stuffed-full of funk-oriented bass lines, marvelous vocals and glossy synths.

Wowsie, this is calm . . .

Stick this on your walkman to bring back that wonderful state of easy 80s reassurance. . .


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