Brooding and loud, San Diego band INFINITE SIGNAL provide riffs aplenty. The act’s unapologetic style is refreshing also, a style reminiscent of the punk bands of the 90s.

Enforcing this smartness, makes them an outfit to watch closely. Think Alkaline Trio and Rise Against when analyzing Infinite Signal. They have taken influence from those bands, stitching it into their makeup with grace and respect. On their new EP “Love Me Not” they don’t depart or stretch too far into new territory, but steadily add to their concept, a concept that has worked well.

Infinite Signa
Think Alkaline Trio and Rise Against when analyzing…

Punk music these days does scratch the surface of pop dramatics. There has been too many bands which have altered their style to fit in, to make money, to push themselves onto the map. Gaining insight is paramount, knowing what you want is important, but staying true to yourself, should be more pivotal to you than fame. Infinite Signal play diligently and know their foundations are secured, and their passion should be replicated.

Guitars and spirit, sweat and tears, have gone into this EP. Lyrically, optimism isn’t a competent, nor is it even considered. Nights spent drunk and under the heavy weight of the world is a mainstay, uncontrollable urges and impulses, all affect these talented musicians, and it’s rife on a planet battered and bruised. Standing up, even engaging socially, can be a struggle, and social media, the beast on the internet, is a culprit.

Infinite Signal
Infinite Signal – a chorus fueled on energy & screams…

The fundamentals are all there on “Love Me Not.” The brazen personalities, the swift guitar parts, the deep lyricism. “Dandelions In The Dark” starts the record. Pulsating guitars and punk rock vocals intertwine. The chorus is a blast of angst and revelation.

Palm Of Christ” sounds like an Alkaline Trio hit. Those hard hitting instrumentals combine and aid the vocals through rough edges. It is a poetic dream. Love Lies Bleeding subtlety doesn’t last long. A chorus fueled on energy and screams keeps the track moving. “Black Rose” is a swansong. A cathartic assessment of doubt and loss. Pessimism rings true here.

Infinite Signal soar here. Their brand of punk is a treat. And “Love Me Not” is an EP examining struggle in a world of obsessed with war and narcissism.

Words: Mark Mcconville

Love Me Not by Infinite Signal is OUT NOW

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