THE CROOKS — Sign to Golden Robot

5-Piece indie rock band THE CROOKS from Chesterfield, England (site of the famous crooked spire of St Mary and All Saints Church) and comprising of Jacko, Chris Stones, Duncan Couch, Conor Fletcher and Jonathan Keeler have just signed a world-deal with Golden Robot Records part of the Golden Robot Global Entertainment Group.

The Crooks
The Crooks – more driving energy than a monster juggernaut

Drawing influence from DMA’s, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, and Verve, their varnished britpop & punk attitude delivers a freshness and vibrancy to melody driven rock.

Their recent “Silhouette Sunshine” (video shared below) is stocked with smudgy chords, has an electrifying guitar break and brings more driving energy than a monster juggernaut transporting a shipment of sheet iron and nickel along redhot asphalt.

Yep, this is a firecracker.


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