SABIYHA — Choorile

The Emerging British-Guyanese talent known as SABIYHA has issued her debut single, titled “Choorile” – produced by Avi Barath out of Dave Okumu’s (The Invisible) studios in Deptford and videoed (see below) in a Discover Live rooftop session in Croydon, South London.

Sabiyha – a fresh, bright & luscious mako of flavors and textures…

Choorile‘ is a feminist delivery of a Guyanese term that’s used as a by-word for women who might be perceived to be too loud or unruly for their own good — therefore it pays tribute to powerful womxn, and is inspired first-hand by Sabiyha’s own quick-witted, tough and intelligent mother.

The rhythms are fruity and rattly and the voice is a flavorsome mix of bing-cherry pungency and resiny, perfumed caraway. The result is fresh, bright & luscious mako of flavors and textures.


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