BRIDGES Wistful Connections

Taken from “Empty Galleries” — a new EP due out later this year — their latest song “Go Long”  was written while BRIDGES the indie-rock band were working away from home. Removed from family & friends, their song is a reminder of the importance of those who are closest and our (shared) need for emotional connection. 

Taking on new meaning during the pandemic, Go Long encapsulates the raw, emotive energy that Josh Redman Thomas (guitar), Henry Matthews (bass), Chessa Williams (keys & vpx) and Tom Farkas (drums) effortlessly create in BRIDGES.

Bridges rect

Led by the poignant vocals of Ethan Proctor, Go Long builds up as cathedrals of exclamatory guitar iridesce and  elegantly fuse together with ingeniously adaptable rhythms.

The song brandishes long guitars, softened whoos, a strong batter ‘n’ butter lead vocal, and some magnificent musical wistfulness. 

While 2020 was a set back, of course,  Bridges used their time wisely to learn how to record & produce their music from home. After producing a number of songs with help from Ash Scott (Memorist) and Ivan and Frazer Proctor (China Bears), they mixed a whole new project with engineer Joe Marsh. Though almost entirely recorded in bedrooms, the result is both complex  and consummate.

File alongside: The Reindeer Section, Juniper, Frightened Rabbit


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