KEIR photo credit Fenne Lily

KEIR Makes Confession

The English Bristol-based alt-pop artist KEIR released his new single ‘Confession’ on 1st July 2022 via Universal Music.

Confession’ takes Keir’s love of sky-soaring pop hooks and indienoir, and drenches it all in the redemptive ache of classic soul.

The artist cites David Bowie, Prince and Amy Winehouse as major influences. This mix of current classic and alt-pop sensibilities has led to Keir receiving enthusiastic support from the likes of Wonderland Magazine. Defiantly punk in spirit, yet enigmatic and brimming with harmony and soul, the stage is Keir’s home from home.

KEIR confession

I can’t help it. I love it, but I have to play every show like it’s the first and the last I’ll ever do. It’s all or nothing, every time…” he suggests.

Keir and his band will be playing live in the UK and Europe previewing songs from his debut album, due out next year.

Slow-stepping and gently piano complemented the wrenching passion of Confession is gripping & vivid as Keir refuses to relent, or perhaps even forgive himself, in this unshakeable devotional!


Photo credit Fenne Lily

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