The Skints – at Redfest 2011

The Skints band are formed from the loquacious lippy-sweet multi-instrumentalist and Über-talented (not to forget mesmerizingly beautiful) songster Marcia Richards together with lanky fast-talking no-nonsense geezer Josh Waters Rudge -him with the trilby hat bursting with rhythm and spice  -the essence of the gutter-smooth reggae dude.  “Oos Gettin’  Down?” He implores the RedFest 2011 audience.  But let us never forget the main anchor man and flava-meister  bassist Jon Doyle. And rattler and roller Jamie Kyriakides on drums.

Intelligent, sophisticated songs are presented in a cheerful and easily chewable form. This amazing reggae / rocksteady / ska band had the crowd at the Redhill, Surrey festival up and  skanking hard in no time.

Their carefully crafted wonders included songs like ‘Roanna’s Song’ where Marcia sings as sweet as sugarpie – intricately weaving around the reggae beats. The Lily Allen style coolness soon whisks up a brisk speed and then suspends momentarily before plunging splendidly back into a waving chorus “Nothing is awright …” This song is filled with surprises as sweet as jam.  We also had what Josh described as a ‘Begging’ song, minced with a grinding, sexy, roistering beat and merry-heart lyrics, “Lay you down on my bed … I ain’t gonna beg”.

‘Murderer’ is a fully functioning reggae concerto choc-a-bloc with rubbery sounds and springy lyrics set against an awesome spine of beats. ‘Culture Vulture’ has more bare-bones vibes and eery whines – evoking the memory of The Specials. This is almost Eastern in aspirations and is a real hip-shaking muscle-twitching anthem. Whilst single ‘Up Against the Wall’ is a tank full of cheerful idiosyncrasies glued against a wall of blagging and bopping beats. Vocals from  Josh provide the ribs while sassier vocals from Marcia provide the flesh. Itchy, catchy and full of summer stings. Like that pesky mosquito which attacked our Marcia on the Refest stage!

An amazing band – full of surprises and full of life force -and a real treat.

© Neil_Mach
July 2011


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