The Qemists – Live at Redfest 2011

Brighton crew ‘The Qemists’ (Liam Black -Guitar, Dan Arnold – Bass and Leon Harris – Drums) have been mixing & pounding their metallic, heady and highly flavoured potions for more than a decade now.

They have worked their dancefloor drum & bass magic with the likes of Mike Patton, Jenna G,  Beardyman, MC Navigator et al.  But the Surrey crowd at 2011 Redfest July 23rd will probably know them better for their recent sweet, yet powerful, collaboration with one of our all time favourite bands ‘Enter Shikari’ …  ‘Take It Back’ from the Q’s highly lauded ‘Spirit in the System’ album.

So the kids in the green fields near Redhill, Surrey swayed, jigged and generally made merry to tunes like ‘Stompbox’ with its electronic impulses shot – hot – like love capsules being sprayed at you from an angry Cupid. Before the  helter-skelter swirling dervishment of those screaming and gnashing chords gradually settles down to a ribald sexy-beast bump-de-bump beat. Flatulent bursts, beeps and bruises help distinguish this track from any other you’ve ever heard and make it as fun as it is exuberant.

Or there are the fighting tracks like ‘Dem Na Like Me’  (from ‘Join the Q’) that make everyone wanna stand up and be counted. The Redfest crowd goes crazy. These tracks are full of pride and pouting impudence. Boosted by the rebound bass lines and decorated with precious keynotes, the skillful pageantry of the drums always adds extra strength and integrity to the power in general.

‘Take it Back’ has brazen bazooka blasts of whale-bottomed bellowing bass- yet also encompasses a fanfare of hippy-hippy shake rattle-dem-bones percussive edge. Verses and choruses play like naughty puppy dogs chasing tails. Funny, fresh and playful – guaranteed to make you lose control!

Other Qemist’s tracks, like ‘Renegade’ have more subtle moments of deep felt go-for-guts glory. Huge slabs of orchestration and piping hot lyrical content  -these are dance-hall anthems for a distraught and emotionally savaged new race of teens with spirit.

Nothing could be grander, nor more satisfying or edifying than bopping along to the vibrations of energy and the voracious output from this incredibly talented crew… suns-ational fun!

© Neil_Mach
July 2011

Featured vocalists at Redfest were the talented duo Matt Rose & Bruno Balanta


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