Them Guns - Press Shot

THEM GUNS Fly An Acid Plane

Los Angeles synth rock outfit, THEM GUNS have announced the upcoming release of  their highly anticipated new single ‘Acid Plane’ via Golden Robot Records. 

The band, which includes lead vocalist and guitarist Navarone Garibaldi, the keyboardist/drummer Kyle Hamood, and bassist Chuck Holiday, have already released two songs from their upcoming second album, Shot in the Dark and Dark Side.

Acid Plane’ is about boarding a plane just before a nuclear explosion, with the only survivors being those who were in the air at the time of the devastation. When they arrive at their destination, they find themselves in a radically different existence than the one they left. Garibaldi and Hamood composed the tune.

rigorous & rousing without being mercilessly pressure-cooker extreme

Raw Ramp Music Magazine

As you might expect from the subject matter, ‘Acid Plane’ is a deeply throbbing hotfoot cannonball turmoil of (mostly) bass-noted multidirectionals, wavering tectonic plates, and rhythmic clumps of unambiguous voiceline. It’s rigorous and rousing without being mercilessly pressure-cooker extreme. Impactive!

Them Guns - Acid Plane - Single cover

From the beginning, the band’s charismatic lead singer/guitarist Navarone Garibaldi and famous keyboardist/drummer Kyle Hamood (Shuggie Otis,Carmine Appice) found they had a musical chemistry. After meeting as children at a pool in Hawaii, it was fate that brought them together again twenty years later, after a fortuitous meeting. The two became bandmates and rapidly established their own distinct musical style. The outfit became known as Them Guns  when bassist Chuck Holiday rounded-out the lineup and the band became a trio when Bobby Vega/Lorenzo Perez (drums) moved on.

Garibaldi is no stranger to the limelight as the son of Priscilla Presley, though he has forged his own path in music. Garibaldi cites his musical influences as Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Kings of Leon and the Chemical Brothers.

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