Joyce – Keep The Lights On

South London singer Joyce (aka Katherine Fussey) is born of rock heritage- as the niece of Bowie guitarist Mick Ronson and Suzi Fussey (Bowie’s hairdresser and creator of the Ziggy Stardust haircut.) Her father was the sound engineer for the likes of Bowie and Roxy Music. Despite these routes naturally pointing to the sound of the 70s, it’s very much the influence of mid-sixties era Nico that shapes the style and vision of Joyce, spun together in a flurry of icy yet fuzzy synth-pop.

Abundant and flexible bongo-bongo beats add pliantly punctuated stamps to this aloofly electric song. Synthy stutters match the taste of the citrus lyrical content.  A bosomy bass creates a heavy counterpoint to the airy fairy lights of those highest pinnacles. A smoky and atmospheric accompanying video reminds me of a time ….. aah …  does anyone remember 70’s oil wheel lighting effects?  This song has hippie vibes and a smoky disposition. Go seek …

—  © Neil_Mach  2012 —

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