Paloma Faith – New Video – Picking Up The Pieces

Do You Wish I was a Bit More Like Her?”  Who is Paloma referring to in this line, Lana Del Rey?  A magnificent string arrangement introduces us to this autumnal world of her imagination- then emotions seriously pick-up in the second verse with some angry vocal aerobics. But above all, we know where we are going through this maze. The  plot twists are fairly easy to follow, and there are no surprises and puzzles in this piece. The trademark quirking and oddity also seems a thing of the past for Paloma (shame) but perhaps this is because this is the kind of fayre that it is necessary to produce if an artist wants to compete in the bloated rankings of impassioned soul ballads. The accompanying video is sumptuous – redolent of those golden-years 1950’s  melodramas (this is a vintage speciality period for Paloma) – the haunting ‘Picking Up the Pieces’ chorus is sad and distressing. Altogether, this is an emotion filled delight – a little ‘more mature than you’d expect from the artist. But don’t delay, download it today. Because it will linger.  © Neil_Mach  2012

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