Win Free Tickets to Club NME vs Redfest – Take the Red Test Right Now

Win Free Tickets to Club NME vs Redfest >> Take the Red Test Right Now

To celebrate the this years REDFEST  set in the beautiful rural surroundings of Robins Cook Farm, Redhill, Surrey – we are giving away two free tickets to a Special Club night at London’s Koko [ Club NME vs. Redfest ] for Friday, June 15.

Club NME and Redfest are joining forces to bring you this very special Friday night party. So if you want to see two of the most exciting bands on this year’s REDFEST bill, ‘Missing Andy’ and ‘Proxies’ playing at Club NME this June here’s your chance to grab some free tickets and have some fun along the way. Don’t miss this chance…

FREE ENTRY to the REDTEST competition to win free tickets – no strings attached.

TAKE THE REDTEST – Here’s What You Have To Do

How much do you know about vaguely RED-related music trivia? Do you call yourself a RED music expert? Do you like RED tinged music quizzes?


The Rules

We need a one word answer for each RED related question. That’s it. The correct answer will always be the LAST NAME of an artist or musician. So don’t put down the first name!

The Terms

Send your completed answers to REDTEST at RAWRAMP [ You must have a working email address so that we can reply to you – because we will send out the correct answers to you and, more importantly, we will tell you by email if you have won! ]

We expect one set of answers from each separate email account- so don’t jam up our in box by sending us hundreds of entries from the same account!

The first set of correct answers-sent in to our special email address above – will win two tickets to the London KOKO event on Friday 15th June. Your winning tickets will be sent to you by post.

Your answers should like like this:

1: Hucknall
2: Barnes
3: Taylor

etc etc.


1: Who is this Melbourne born feminist icon?



2: Who is the lead singer of this band? (2008)



3: Who sang the lead in this American ‘Red Baron’ rock band? (1966)



4: Who sang the words “Put on your red shoes and
dance…” in one of 1983’s fastest-selling singles?



5: Who is credited with writing this ‘little red’ Rolling Stones /
Howlin’ Wolf blues number? (1961)



6: Who wrote the ‘red red wine’ song – played by the Birmingham based
British reggae/pop act ? (1968)



7: What is the last name of the bass-player in this ‘Blood Sugar Sex
Magik’ band?



8: Who wrote the theme tune and incidental music for this cult UK
comedy franchise?



9: Who sang about one of these sporty little cars (for 1999) in 1983?



10: Who wrote a song about his wife in Red in 1986?



11: Who is lead singer in this band? (2008)



12: Who is the main singer in this British alternative rock band? (2001)



13: Who is the original lead singer of this
‘Vulcan’ band? (1980’s)



14: What is the last name of this “99 Red Balloons”
singer? (1984)



15: Who was this vocalist in the British ‘Red Album’ synth pop duo?



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