Polar Play ‘Iron Lungs’ in Full -This Monday

POLAR – the ferocious Surrey-based hardcore infused dance-punk band will be playing a very special home town show this Monday June 18th at The Boileroom in Guildford.

They will be playing their entire debut album ‘Iron Lungs’ which was released on May 7th. This is the first & last time that the band will do this.

It is certainly not a show to be missed.

We checked out the ‘Iron Lungs’ album and here’s what we thought:

We smashed into the fizz with “K.C.M.” a lash-out fire-storm of a track whose tantalizing and unending  power demeans and degrades you as you dare to listen. A  thuddingly deaf bass beat lies dangerously dormant under crashing waves of guitar. Then bestial and shimmering chords – together with larynx shredding vocals-  are strained to utter perfection. A glimpse of the blue sky comes into view at the chorus, before the gas clouds emerge to clear back the crowds again with poisonous fumes. Foggy perfection.


Hold onto your hat because this is a fast ride. Bruising wave-crests crush you in the face and the bitterness and raggedness of the vortex of sound round your feet will bite mercilessly at your ankles. Disproportionate cries breach the thresholds of pain. But the pace is insatiable thudding roll rock ‘n’ – and this will guide you into the very mouth of Hades itself, before cracking your nuts.


The vintage riffs grab you by the googlies and pull you into a morass of doubt and consequences. The fury and the disbelief will be clearly etched upon your brow as you attempt to grasp this molten track with both mitts.  But beware it will bite, sting and wriggle so much you will drop it. Then all is lost. Ruthless and immortal.


Great white crushing waves of unimaginable energy rush in to grab you. You will stand for a moment – fragmented – whilst the chorus allows you breath, but you will be knocked off your feet, and pulled under,  probably by the murderous swirl-pool of screeching guitars and gnashing percussion lurking underneath. The tusks of this song are the wonderfully turned out riffs, revealing a clearly melodic chorus. If this didn’t hurt so much, it would almost be lush.

© Neil_Mach June 2012


Click Here to get a copy of IRON LUNGS



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