Jay James Picton – ‘Long May They Roll’

Heads Vs Hearts

His voice will make you shudder.   Created out of brick dust and tears. His voice is like a smoking gun.  Dangerous, unpredictable and effortlessly powerful.

Oh lordy!  We are glad that we discovered this guy!

Five years ago the Welsh born JAMES JAY PICTON had never sung or played a note in his life. Today, Booker T Jones, Roger Daltrey, Hal David and John Legend are among the many admirers of his uniquely soulful voice – a voice that was discovered entirely by chance.

LONG MAY THEY ROLL – the second single taken from Jay’s debut album entitled: ‘Play It By Heart’, will be released on 10th September. The album was recorded between Brooklyn (NYC) and Los Angeles with a stellar group of session musicians from the hip hop and soul scenes, co-produced by Jay James, Mike Peden and Malay.

With a nervously pounding rhythm that will remind you of Adele, the voltage and tension is gradually increased – as that  magnificent voice whiskers into view.  The voice dips into coal-bunker depths at times, but then glimpses up to surprise you. And the ‘Long May They Roll…” chorus spills out, longing for air and light. And after that maddeningly catchy chorus is repeated nervously, you are treated to a chugging verse that could lighten any load. Splendid and unforgettable.




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