RedFest Report – Day Three – Sunday

For those still able to think rationally after a night of dubious groping, mysterious smooching and comprehensively debauched indulgence, Sunday morning was a laid-back affair of gentle musings and fondly remembered after-glows.

Polite Bristol based alt-rock quartet ‘The Bronze Medal’ provided the kind of slow-burn music that warms the cockles of your day, and allows you to slip gently into a state of consciousness.

And then ‘The General’ played a pleasing set of Sunday morning songs on the Introducing Stage. These were exquisitely produced and highly refined ‘Gypsy folk’ numbers – decorated with a kind of sentimental zithering ‘Cossack’ sound.

After that, most of the crowd headed over to the main stage to enjoy the quality, style and hankering good looks of those ‘Brothers & Bones’ lads.   Quite clearly, all the females in the crowd were wilting under the band’s potently masculine charms  – but the guys were not just beautiful to look at.   They also played some terrific songs and they demonstrated a whole lotta impressive musicianship. They clomped and bounced around the stage at such a huge speed, it was difficult not to get giddy just watching. Good grief, it  was a memorable show.  Amazing fun. It brought to mind a heavy version of Mumford & Sons.

Tree House Fire, down in the Introducing Tent are a great Pop/Reggae band. Full of energy and spirit. This entertaining bunch of musical geniuses played their socks off. I highly recommend this band to you. Their album is out soon!

Crowds started to descend from the campsite on the hill in formidable numbers for the ‘Don Broco’ slot. This band have really taken over in the last few months. Their album is already tipped for major chart success, and they have been working their way around the UK, bringing their stylized strut filled geezer-rock anthems to almost everyone’s doorsteps. We love ‘em. They are exuberant, loud, rude and arrogant. But their incredible show is full of fun – and we loved to sing along to their merry lager-drinking tunes.

The Skints‘ are on everyone’s list of favourite ska bands. Marcia  is quite simply one of the most outrageously talented people in the UK. With a heavenly sweet voice, she sublimely undercuts the more brashly defiant vocals from Josh. And she plays keys, sax, flute and melodica. Outstanding.

It seemed that the afternoon was turning into a ska / reggae party when those naughty boys from Essex, the real working class crusaders ‘Missing Andy’ came to the main stage with another helping of ska-based sounds and mod-style British rock.

Missing Andy played a lively and entertaining set. But unfortunately, by now,  many of the campers had started to fade in the hot sun and due to the lack of any meaningful sleep.  This is a great shame because this band is all about crowd participation. They demand that you dance and be happy.  Anyway, the boys still played an enjoyable set to a drooping audience- most of which were now flopped on the grass in heaps.

Just as the sun started to go down, and people started feeling a little more lively and vibrant, then those perky grime and dubstep pranksters from the Foreign Beggars took to the stage with their mischievous typhoon-speed high-jinks. They swept the crowds to their feet, got everyone bouncing again, and started to really shake up the festival. Playing some old tracks, they also played material from their latest releases and even did an impromptu RedFest song to get the audience really moving and grinding. Frisky business!

Best memory:  DJ Nonames from Foreign Beggars  putting on a ‘wasp’ costume from the fancy dress box… “Where does this actually go?”  He asks bandmate MC Orifice Vulgatron – pointing to the yellow and black  ‘sting’ – which now protrudes from THE FRONT of  his trousers…

– © Neil_Mach July 2012 –


Note : This is Part 3 of 3 – from the REDFEST Report
Click here for Part One [Fridy] and here for Part Two [Saturday]

Foreign Beggars On Stage at Redfest 2012 – Note the ‘sting’

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