Bleed Electric This Is My Masterpiece Review

Bleed Electric is the convergence of two talents –  Welsh based Music Producer and Media Specialist Chris Maguire aka Mug5 with imaginative wordsmith  & rapper/vocalist Silk (S-Tradamus).

Together Mug5 and Silk are an exciting melting pot of talent and freshness – and this makes Bleed Electric’s originality of sound unlike anything that has been heard before.

‘This Is My Masterpiece’  is a continuation of the last, and third Bleed Electric EP  ‘Let The Invasion Begin’. Fully realizing the future fresh sound of Bleed Electric, ‘This Is My Masterpiece’ is considered, by the band, to be their most masterful musical statement to date.

We had an early listen to ‘This Is My Masterpiece’ and here’s what we thought:

First track, ‘A New Reason’ has hoopy loopy spirals of sound that flow healthily around, and gush up to greet you. Then a bubbling beat jaggers and sizzles. Anxious voices seem to be rumbling in the background, long before their meeting with a sheer cliff of overpowering sound… and that’s when a basket of Eastern tones shake up the plot, as they connive to cut off the rap in full flight.

‘Accidental Genius’ – This hot and sweaty beat-fest vibrates along, all spread out and happy. And after a big blast of a horn, the sounds continue to flap, as they regurgitate the sound before them,  and shuffle manfully onwards. This throbbing track will free the latent fire that you have hidden so deeply in your knapsack.

‘Pragmatic’ has a lacerating rhythm and a voice so piercing that the primordial silence- when it comes – is comforting. The vocals bounce right up to spit you in the eye. And if that is not enough, the sluggardly womp will fluster and befuddle your sweetmeats right up to the point of climax. You can take a ride on this one.

‘Angel Fly’ has a withering coat of sweat covering its tight skin.  Clarified vocals are intermittently smothered by an other-worldly intruder, and these cause the entire pace to be subtly suspended.  Then the whole piece turns into a paradise of enviably delicate, utopian sounds.

Title track ‘This Is My Masterpiece’ begins with a hollow fluttering. The inscribed words seem to be slightly floating, as if they are being drawn gently upwards into a hot sky. Then a corridor of relaxing sounds creates a flamboyant blanket of comfort whist  the all encompassing composition manifests itself as a creation of absolute control and total immersion.

Sit back and let Bleed Electric take you on a musical journey that you have never experienced before.

– © Neil_Mach August 2012 –


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