Foreign Soil A Plastic Rose

The Belfast based rock band  ‘A Plastic Rose’ have been bringing their anthemic and emotionally charged brand of rock and roll directly to their growing army of fans since 2007.

Comprising of Gerry Norman (guitar/vocals), Ian McHugh (guitar/vocals), Troy Heaton (bass), and David Reid (drums), the Belfast/Sligo four piece share a bond of camaraderie and common vision that has compelled them to improve upon each release, pushing themselves further and further in their pursuit of greatness.

A Plastic Rose have now announced a UK tour with We Came From Wolves (details below) and have released a brand new track called ‘Foreign Soil’ from their upcoming album.  [Camera.Shutter.Life which is to be released on the 22nd October 2012 through Di Di Mau Records/Third Bar.]

We took an early listen to ‘Foreign Soil’ and here’s what we thought:

A shivering grid of looting guitar-sound rushes in to greet you. Then an icy voice is heard struggling against the acid licks. The pace changes direction for a moment – as if it is lost. Then, with screams of anguish, the song howls back into view, piercing the darkness with a generous chording  riff .

The verse seems beautifully at home in the blistering meshwork prison that surrounds it. But it is the oven-hot chorus that will make you scream with joy. With thumping percussion, spraying and threshing rhythms, and pulverizing bass-  the finale is a cataclysmic climax that will shake you out from the inside. Devastating and essential.

– © Neil_Mach August 2012 –


On tour with We Came From Wolves:

28 Fri – UK, Dunfermline

29 Sat – UK, Dumfries


1 Mon – UK, Newcastle, The Cluny 2

3 Wed – UK, Aberdeen, Tunnels

4 Thurs – UK, Glawgow, King Tuts (supporting The Birthday Suit)

5 Fri – UK, Edinburgh, Sneaky Pete’s

6 Sat – UK, Nottingham, Rock City, Hey Hey Hey Club Night

9 Tue – UK, Leeds, Cockpit 3

10 Wed, UK, Bristol, Louisiana

11 Thurs – UK, Kingston, The Hippodrome, New Slang Club Night

12 Fri – UK, Truro, Bunters, B-Side Club Night

13 Sat – UK, London, The Borderline

14 Sun – UK, Manchester, Sound Control

16 Tue – UK, Guilford, The Boiler Room

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