Velvet Stream Selfish Mind

Velvet Stream are a female-led, Alternative Pop/Rock band from London. Their uplifting and vibrant songs are a fusion of contemporary Pop/Rock and nostalgic influences such as Patti Smith, Lene Lovich, Talking Heads, The Beach Boys and Roy Orbison.

The band recently secured a place in the Top 20 for MTV’s Unsigned Artist 2012 and has performed gigs at Shoreditch House, Ronnie Scotts and a session for the BBC at Maida Vale Studios in 2011.

They have now released ‘Selfish Mind’ (Single) and we took a listen:

When did doo-wop come back?   It slid in when you were not looking. And now it’s taking over the dance floor. With its strong hula shirt, wide rimmed hat and bright smile. Wouldn’t you like a selfish mind like this, if it was as generous as Mati’s? She really is the ballroom professor of the Sh-Boom and the Bomp.

Exquisitely crispy and pearly are those lead vocals, and they are encrusted with coconut deep harmonies and oscillating descants. This song seems to flower in the moonlight. And the fun does not stop with the rattling voices. Juicy arrangements and chipper keyboard fireworks all add up to a rebounding bouncyball of jungle-garden cocktail fun. In fact this is a toucan’s bill full of bright colours and happy zestiness.  Luscious.

– © Neil_Mach August 2012 –


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