Azealia Banks Van Vogue

You’ll be barking and panting when you catch this. It ‘s true. All that writhing onto you. All that flipping of the shiniest, superlative Rapunzel hair. Hooking those amped up, luscious lips, tilting and flipping the bazookas in all those suggestive poses. Groans sweep around the bumps and the shock pulse compression. And that’s the point. Pretty AB is the real thing. She’s not too good for the hood. But she’s better than all the hypocrites in there who are trying to conform – and trying to make out that they won’t even smoke with her no more.  But she knows that they’re fronting. But she is the real thing.

The ratio of this song is lean and fast. It’s turned upside down one way – and then it tips all the way over to the other. Breakdowns are pleasant, and growly-  or they are sparkly-bee and grumbly, but then this song is all about the pulses of life – if you miss her or dismiss her –  she just comes right back in and sketches you back. This is baptism by total immersion. Nodding grinning and growling. You need to lay your hands on this one as soon as you can.

– © Neil_Mach August 2012 –


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