KISHI BASHI — Violin Tsunami + UK Dates

Having collaborated and toured with Regina Spektor and Sondre Lerche, among others, the singer, violinist, and composer, K Ishibashi (aka KISHI BASHI) sets sail on an heroic orchestral project of his own. He released his album on 31st May. His solo live show becomes an eye-popping spectacular with looping and vocal ‘n’ violin gymnastics. And Kishi is also a singer with the NYC synth-rock band: Jupiter On

Kishi Bashi photo by Max Ritter
Kishi Bashi photo by Max Ritter

He now releases an animated video for his song ‘Violin Tsunami’ from his acclaimed new album ‘Omoiyari’ (out now through Joyful Noise Recordings) and has announced a five date run of UK shows [check below] including London’s Omeara on November 25, 2019.

Speaking about the video-song [shared below] Kishi says: “The inspiration [for ‘Violin Tsunami’ ] comes from a violin that was gifted to me called ‘Tsunami.’ The luthier, who is Japanese-Brazilian and an ordained Buddhist priest, told me [it] embodied his prayers for the victims and survivors of the Fukushima tsunami tragedy…

Described by fans as “deeply moving” the new album Omoiyari is a musical statement on the disruptive socio-political atmosphere of present-day America.

I was shocked when I saw white supremacy really starting to show its teeth again in America,” says Kishi.

My parents are immigrants, they came to the United States from Japan post–World War II. As a minority I felt very insecure for the first time in my adult life in this country. I think that was the real trigger for this project.

The powerfully abstract elements on Omoiyari are driven by Kishi Bashi’s enthralling musical score. Leaving aside his usual loop-based concepts, he accepted a cooperative approach when recording this album, and welcomed contributions from other musicians such as: Mike Savino (aka Tall Tall Trees) on banjo and bass, and Nick Ogawa (aka Takenobu) on cello.

The majestic and touching “Violin Tsunami” evokes much sadness. With commotion and intensity in the strings there is anxious movement here, as if the violins will never be in retreat. And intoxicating nobility in a voice that seeks refuge, though is vexed beyond despair… this is a work of sublime and painful beauty.



24 November BRIGHTON, Hope & Ruin
25 November LONDON, Omeara
26 November BRISTOL, Hy Brasil
27 November GLASGOW, Nice N Sleazy
28 November MANCHESTER, Yes

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