Govt Mule

GOV’T MULE — Bring On The Music – Live at The Capitol Theatre

The inspirational Southern rock band GOV’T MULE [or just Mule in some camps] bring out a new LIVE double-album collection (with DVD) later this month.

Formed as a side project of The Allman Brothers Band by guitarist Warren Haynes and bassist Allen Woody with former Dickey Betts drummer Matt Abts. [Allen Woody passed away in 2000 and was replaced by Black Crowes’ bassist Andy Hess until 2008.] The line-up now boasts Jorgen Carlsson (bass) and the consummate Danny Louis (on keys and many other instruments.) This bunch of giggers have been bringing their peppery ‘n’ psychedelically groovy jams to use since for full-on 25 years … proving to the audience that the spirit of rock n’ roll still lives on.

Bring on the Music- a railroading journey...
Bring on the Music- a railroading journey…

They will bring out their new live release, titled “Bring On The Music – Live At The Capitol Theatre” on June 28th.

We’ve been listening —

From CD1’s “Traveling Tune (Part 1)” this railroading journey brings us full circle via the tinny, string-bending haunt of “Railroad Boy”, beyond the chugging bass-note rhythms of “Mule” with zippy riffs, sandy verses, and shine and hike to “The Man I Want To Be” [originally from the 2016 Revolution Come…Revolution Go album] with its guitar sparks, sea bird spirals and a hope-filled sky that’s filled with effervescence and the kind of poetry that only comes from decades of reflected wisdom.

Ballads like this are gently rendered with glossy organ and dripping-wet guitar slurs. And, of course, Warren’s leathery voice is always a mixture of cork-grease and cordite-oil.

Govt Mule
A leathery voice that’s a mixture of cork-grease and cordite-oil…

Rounding out the first disc on this stunning collection is Blind Willie Johnson’s re-written hymn “Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground” (on the 2016 album this was re-arranged by Warren Haynes) with heaps of keyboard, moaning guitar and gruff, and beseeching vocals.

Life Before Insanity” kicks off CD2. This foam resembles an angry waterfall, with a sloping slide of mud-washed voice. Here the guitars are startling and fruitfully potent. The sensational “Dreams & Songs” is full of reflections, and long melancholy. And “Time To Confess” has the rhythmic elements associated with reggae rock with edgy, offbeat rhythms, crushed ‘n’ squelched staccato guitars and clear voices.

The pensive yet joyful “Bring On The Music” (originally found on the Shout! album ) brings us almost back to the start. When you feel refreshed & spirited enough to begin the 330 minute tour again!

Revolutions come, and revolutions go? Yeah, they do. But heroic power-blues stay forever. This is the circle of rock for you. Uh-huh, bring on the music…

Words: @neilmach 2019 ©
Bring On The Music – Live at The Capitol Theatre by Govt Mule is out June 28th

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